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100% Transparent Community Funded Solana NFT Project

About Us

SolDrinks is a collection of 4,444 unique mocktail pixel art Solana NFTs with the vision to help reduce mental and physical health issues due to alcohol abuse. We want to create a virtual lounge bar in the metaverse that is CHILL, RELAXING and with A LOT OF FUN.

Our Team

This is a true community-funded Solana NFT project.

SolDrinks Lounge is a place where our communities gather, our online social bar and where ideas become reality. We build value for the community that built us.

If that resonates with you, we’d love to have you join us.


Roadmap v1.0

  • 10% Mint

    Break-even point, all our future utilities will be funded by royalty

  • 25% Mint

    50% Token Liquidity fund by mint and 50% fund by royalty

  • 40% Mint

    100% Token Liquidity wil be funded by mint funds

  • 60% Mint

    Activate virtual lounge development

  • 80% Mint

    Activate community fund

  • 100% Mint

    The start of SolDrinks Lounge


SolDrinks Lounge Whitepaper is a live document that details our vision, plan, progress and results. We will constantly update the whitepaper to ensure our NFT holders are well informed about the past, present and future.

Our whitepaper explains the roadmap in more details and provide clarity towards our challenges, goals and potential outcomes.

a growing project, we are constantly seeking for feedbacks. If you have any questions or feedbacks, please feel free to message us on Twitter, Discord or email us at soldrinksnft2021@gmail.com



  • What is the mint price?

    0.25 SOL (Pre-Sale) 0.35 SOL (Public Sale)

  • Will there be different rarities of attributes?

    Yes there will be. We will release the rarity chart after public mint

  • Which charity is SolDrinks supporting?

    Partnership to End Addiction

  • Which marketplace will SolDrinks be listed?

    Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, Alpha Art (and more to come)

  • How to contact the founding team?

    Reach out to us on Discord, Twitter or email us at soldrinksnft2021@gmail.com